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Our partners keep our park going 

Sponsor A Tree

You can create a lasting legacy in N. Buckhead.  A tree in the Scout Forest and MWC can be yours as a sponsor.  For $100 your name will be listed by your tree on the website and on a tree label.  Your funds will go to the maintenance and care of these trees to enable them to become our urban forest!  Select your tree species or go to the map and pick your specific tree, then submit the payment online or via mail with your tree name or location and the sponsor name.

Quantity      Common Name  

8                   Serviceberry     

4                   River birch 

8                   Redbud  

4                   American Beech  

5                   Blackgum  

5                   Southern Red Oak  

4                   Bald Cypress   

5                   Tulip Poplar  

Friends of Mountain Way Common Board Members

Marvin Pastel, President of the Board

Gordon Certain

Wendy Castro

Marianna Lee

 Jane Moss

Marvin Pastel

Sharon Rudy

Harvey Rudy

Dan Weede and

Jane Zoellick

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