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Your Brain Needs You to Get Outside!

Richard Louv, author of the Nature Principal, argues that we’re collectively suffering from “nature-deficit disorder,” which hurts us mentally, physically, and even spiritually. In a recent Harvard Business Review Article, by Emma Seppälä and Johann Berlin, the authors site many research studies that have concluded that our brains are tied to nature and urban/office environments create stress and dissonance. A brief stent in nature has amazing effects like lowered stress levels, lower risk of depression, diabetes and cancer along with increased social connection and harmnoy. The authors state, "Exposure to nature doesn’t just make you feel and think better, it also makes you behave better. People who’ve just walked out of a park or other natural environment are more likely to notice when others need help – and to provide that help."

Take a step outside for your brain! March 9th there will be a workday at Mountain Way Common. This will be a great opportunity to recharge and realign with nature while helping beautify the park!

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